Gale Woods Farm | Leslie Larson Photography | Jen & Chris

The 4th of July is a time of celebration. On this weekend we celebrated Jen and Chris’s marriage at the historic Gale Woods Farm.  The couple complimented the 4th of July with lots of bold red, American flags, and had Famous Daves cater their yummy BBQ meal.

Gale Woods Farm 2015-08-09_0002

Jen couldn’t stop smiling. During her bridal prep, when most brides are nervous, Jen laughed and smiled through the whole morning.  I knew that were going to have a great day.

Gale Woods Farm 2015-08-09_0001

After capturing fun and laughter with the girls, my next destination was to the grooms house where him and his groomsmen were finalizing their handsome looks.

Gale Woods Farm 2015-08-09_0003

Jen and Chris did a “First-Look” when they arrived at Gale Woods Farm which allowed them to take family photos and bridal portraits prior to the ceremony.

Gale Woods Farm 2015-08-09_0004

Could this couple get any cuter!  Their happiness radiates to anyone who is lucky enough to be near them.

Gale Woods Farm 2015-08-09_0005

The bride made all the floral arrangements herself with flowers she picked up the day before at a local farmers market.  Gorgeous!!

Gale Woods Farm 2015-08-09_0007

When portraits are scheduled at noon in the summer, we find shade.  Without shade, the details in the gown would be blasted out by the sun and the couple would squint.  Thankfully there was this fantastic tree which offered beauty and great shade for all the noon portraits.

Gale Woods Farm 2015-08-09_0006

The bridal party was just as happy as the bride and groom. They were troopers in the heat and we all had a blast.

Gale Woods Farm 2015-08-09_0008

The outdoor ceremony was filled with heavenly devotion and praises to Jesus Christ our Lord.  I believe that when Christ is the center of the marriage, the couple will survive and thrive.

Gale Woods Farm 2015-08-09_0009

Gale Woods Farm 2015-08-09_0011

One last grouping with the bridal party before party time.

Gale Woods Farm 2015-08-09_0010

On the walk back to the barn, the couple shared some smooches along the fence looking out toward the lamas. Yes, there were lamas.

Gale Woods Farm 2015-08-09_0014

Gale Woods Farm 2015-08-09_0013

Speeches were from the heart and the couple soaked it in.

Gale Woods Farm 2015-08-09_0016

These two rock stars came out of the reception for a few sunset shots where they continued to be adorable and fabulous together.

Gale Woods Farm 2015-08-09_0017

Gale Woods Farm 2015-08-09_0012

Gale Woods Farm 2015-08-09_0018

Yummy mason jar desserts! I took one home with me and had an indulgent party-for-one when I got home that night.  Job well done by all.

Gale Woods Farm 2015-08-09_0015


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