Saint Catherine University | Holy Spirit Church | Leslie Larson Photography | Bridget and Dan

Before we headed to the beautiful Holy Spirit Church in St Paul, the bridal party finished their prep at the brides mothers house nearby.

Holy Spirit Church St paul 2015-08-11_0002

The entourage was so happy for the bride and groom and the excitement in the air was contagious.

Holy Spirit Church St paul 2015-08-11_0003

The groom and groomsmen were already at the church patiently waiting for the day to begin.

Holy Spirit Church St paul 2015-08-11_0001

Since the bride and groom were not to see each other until the ceremony, we took advantage of time with the bridal party separately outside of the church early in the day.

Holy Spirit Church St paul 2015-08-11_0004

Holy Spirit Church St paul 2015-08-11_0005

After shooting the guys, they tucked back inside the church so the girls could take their turn.  The bride was blessed with 3 sisters who were always there to help.

Holy Spirit Church St paul 2015-08-11_0007Holy Spirit Church St paul 2015-08-11_0006

The ceremony was as beautiful as the Holy Spirit Church we were in.

Holy Spirit Church St paul 2015-08-11_0008

After “I Do” the bridal party headed off to Plums local pub.  Usually at this time I capture candid moments at the cocktail hour, but there was much fun to be had at the pub, I tagged along.

Plums Pub St paul

The limo ride was wild and worth a mention

Holy Spirit Church St paul 2015-08-11_0009

Upon arrival at Saint Catherine University we captured portraits outside by the pond before the grand entrance.  The loosy-goosy bridal party continued the fun in great spirits.

Saint Catherine University 2015-08-11_0011

The backside of the bridesmaid dresses were lovely and needed a photo of their own.

Saint Catherine University 2015-08-11_0013

Saint Catherine University 2015-08-11_0014

Saint Catherine University 2015-08-11_0015

After some fun with the bridal party, there were dismissed to catch the end of cocktail hour.  The bride and groom gave me their time to get imitate portraits around the beautiful pond.

Saint Catherine University 2015-08-11_0016

Saint Catherine University 2015-08-11_0018

As we walked back across the bridge, we were joined by a flock of ducks.  Ducks mate for life so it was sentimental to have “love birds” join us for the portrait time.

Saint Catherine University 2015-08-11_0010Saint Catherine University 2015-08-11_0019

Back at the reception, the couple cut their delicious cake.  It really was delicious. I had a piece.  I always have a piece. :)

Saint Catherine University 2015-08-11_0020

Fuchsia up-lighting illuminated the dance floor.

Saint Catherine University 2015-08-11_0021

The wild and fun bridal party continued their crazy party on the dance floor.

Saint Catherine University 2015-08-11_0022

Saint Catherine University 2015-08-11_0023

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