St. Anne and Joachim Catholic Curch | Fargo, ND | Radisson Hotel | Leslie Larson Photography | Cait & Joel

Driving to Fargo, North Dakota was a little farther than I usually go for a wedding. But it was worth the drive for this couple.  They were care-free and so much fun to be around on their wedding day.  The bride and groom laughed through the whole day and their happiness was apparent in their photos.


We started the day with the “First-Look” in the sanctuary of their beautiful church.  Portraits began right away in this stunning venue.


The ceremony was as lovely as the church itself.


After the ceremony, the bridal party left on their limo for relaxed time to themselves.  This timeframe left very little room for bridal party portraits.  When the couple arrived for their first stop at their local bar, I stopped them before the went inside to snap a few fun photos of the group so the couple would have memories of this fun time long after the wedding day is over.  For how fast these were taken outside the bar, I am pleased that memories were captured.




Thankfully, the groom was willing to twirl his lovely bride around for a few photos!


The bar on Broadway was where the couple first met and danced the night away.  For sentimental sake, they stole a few kisses at the very spot they first met.


Onward to the reception!  The décor was unique arrangements by the sister of the groom who owns Tattered Treasures.


Each centerpiece was different and had a romantic vintage feel.


The rings were fun to photograph using a table center piece.



When the bride spoke, the crowd roared. Her speech was hilarious and made the groom blush at times as well.


I was told that this bridesmaid (in the image below) wears sunglasses so that no one can see her when she dances.  Oh we all saw, and it was great.


The party went on and guests of all ages had a blast.


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