Living Word Chapel | Edenborough Golf Course |Leslie Larson Photography | Brianna & Kevin

Brianna and Kevin are so smitten over each other, as it should be on your wedding. But they are head-over-heals in love with each other and it showed in every aspect of their wedding day.

We started the day with the “first-look” and we jumped into bridal portraits immediately after that.


Brianna and Kevin were so excited for their wedding day.  They showed so much affection for each other during their portraits, it was truly their own personalities.



After bridal portraits, we walked closer to the clubhouse of Edenborough to meet up with the bridal party.  Since it was so sunny, we hung out by this wall of greenery to take advantage of the shade.


I love how the pregnant maid-of-honor rocked her baby bump in the photos!  A glowing mother to be. It was a fun sentiment:)


The guys razzed on the groom and he soaked up every minute of it. We had a great time shooting these photos.


We stole another opportunity for a couple portraits by the neat wall.


This shot may be repetitive as I try to capture a similar pose with every bride who has a flared gown.  But even though the instruction is similar, the outcome is always different and entirely the brides own personality, as well as the grooms reaction to the twirl.


Living Word Church in Brooklyn Park is so neat in so many ways.  The chapel is intimate and beautiful with numerous chandeliers throughout the space.  And the lobby, or atrium, has a huge fountain and is decorated seasonally.  Such a beautiful spacious church.


When the alter is as beautiful as this one, its fun to capture the alter by moving the couple to the middle of the isle to really see the alter in its entirety.


The ceremony were heartfelt and beautiful. I feel fortunate to hear wedding sermons every weekend.  This one in particular was meaningful to me as he had a special message to current married couples and how we need to continue to date each other every week. He also told the married men that they need to whistle at their wives often.  I agree with that :)


Sometimes the ring barer or flower girl can steal the show.  In this case, this little cutie was just so darn funny.


The cupcakes were as dynamite tasting as they looked!  Yes I had one.  I always eat the cake!!




After the formal dances, we headed outside for a brief 10 minutes to capture sunset.


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