Como Conservatory | St. Paul, MN | Leslie Larson Photography | Tizzy & Kyle Engagement

The Como Conservatory at Como Zoo is the place to go when temperatures are below zero in January in Minnesota.   It was nice to see greenery that we haven’t seen in months!

MN Conservatory St Paul.2

We arrived right when they opened as to not have crowds in our shots. This place can get very busy.

MN Conservatory St Paul.1The couple snuggled on a bench. We focused on Kyle for a few shots in a way that also showed off her gorgeous engagement ring!

MN Conservatory St Paul.4MN Conservatory St Paul.5MN Conservatory St Paul.3This couple had an awesome dog that was included in some photos as well.  We braved the weather and went outside for this.

MN Conservatory St Paul.6MN Conservatory St Paul.7

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