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Hi! I’m Leslie Larson. I am passionate about photography. Capturing emotion in the interaction we have with our loved ones is most important to me, its why I love what I do.

My favorite work day is a Wedding day. There is great creative potential with a beautiful bride in her wedding gown. Finding the best light, elegant poses, and engaging expressions are the creative challenges throughout the day and I love every minute of it.

My passion began when I was about 8 years old when my best friend’s mom let us wear her wedding gown for dress-up. My friend would proudly wear her mothers dress and I would take photos of her in it. Sometimes we would go on-location with the gown on our bikes. My supportive dad would take me to Wal-Mart 1 hour photo where we waited for my masterpiece images to develop. Later in life, he bought my first digital SLR Canon Camera for college graduation and the rest is history.

Now days, I let my 3 daughters wear my wedding dress around the house.  I understand how pretty they feel in it and I want them to enjoy being girls playing with mommy’s pretty things. I look forward to the day I will capture their photos in their own wedding dress. But for now, my husband Josh and I enjoy the snuggles and laughter we are blessed to share with them every day.

(photo credit: my dear friend, Colleen Christina Photography)

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Leslie Larson