Blaine, MN | Family Photography | Leslie Larson Photography | Stocke’s Annual Family Photos

blaine-mn-family-photography-3These are my neighbors. They have been family friends since their daughter was a newborn. We travel with them, have family dinners with them, and trust our kids to sleep at each others houses on a regular basis. Needless to say, I enjoy taking their families photos every year.

blaine-mn-family-photography-2blaine-mn-family-photography-5blaine-mn-family-photography-4This may be my favorite set from the session. Their little one tripped during their candid walking photos and he took the other 2 kids down with him. This sums up life with 3 kids!

blaine-mn-family-photography-6I love to shoot a few photos of just the parents alone during a family session as well.