BWB Ranch | Walker, MN | Wedding Photography | Leslie Larson Photography | Rachael & Dan

bwb-ranch-walker-mn-1Rachael had every inch of BWB Ranch decorated to perfection. The BBQ turkey smoked all day out back, the weather was a breezy 70 degrees, everything was perfect.

bwb-ranch-walker-mn-4bwb-ranch-walker-mn-3Rachael and Dan saw each other for the first time on a private trail behind the barn.

bwb-ranch-walker-mn-5bwb-ranch-walker-mn-6The front of the barn was a great setting for portraits.

bwb-ranch-walker-mn-7The ladies unique beaded dresses were stunning.

bwb-ranch-walker-mn-9bwb-ranch-walker-mn-8BWB Ranch has beautiful property. Before the ceremony we walked the grounds as a group and stopped for photo opportunities where we found shade.

bwb-ranch-walker-mn-10Toddlers are unpredictable…that’s all I’m going to say about that. 🙂 But I find this image to be more fun than if she would have participated.

bwb-ranch-walker-mn-11Before the ceremony, Rachael added her veil and relaxed as her guests arrived.



bwb-ranch-walker-mn-15As the bridal party boarded the trolley, the bride and groom had a few min for additional portraits.

bwb-ranch-walker-mn-16A bride, a bouquet and a vintage bike. This is what photography dreams are made of.

bwb-ranch-walker-mn-17While Walker, MN was a 4 hour drive for me to attend, I was blown away at the scenic town and thrilled to be a part of this day.

bwb-ranch-walker-mn-19Lets get lost down a country road. Just a newly married couple…and myself, with my camera.

bwb-ranch-walker-mn-21Now lets add that fun bridal party who were hangin’ out on the trolley!

bwb-ranch-walker-mn-18bwb-ranch-walker-mn-22The reception room was completed while guests enjoyed cocktail hour.  The BBQ tasted as delicious as it smelt cooking all day.