Crown Room | St. Michaels Catholic Church | Leslie Larson Photography | Ali & T’s Wedding

St Michael is a beautiful suburb with historical buildings and gorgeous landscapes. We started our day at St. Michaels Catholic Church.


Fall colors were at their peak. We walked the church grounds before the ceremony.2016-01-28_0026Sometimes beautiful portraits can happen in unexpected places. The edge of the large parking lot had the best backdrop with the best shade to block the high-noon sun.2016-01-28_0038Seriously, one of the most stunning brides ever.2016-01-28_0037Bright sun is not the preferred time of day for a large group outside. But we work with the time given as best as possible and in this case, the bright sun was not a deal breaker. It worked!2016-01-28_0027The bride smiled her way through the beautiful ceremony.2016-01-28_00292016-01-28_0030Off to the bar!  Since the whole wedding went to the same bar, we captured a bar photo. This was also the place this couple met!

2016-01-28_0031This bridge is a frequently visited location for the bride and her friends.  They run this bridge all the time so it was fun to incorporate the familiar place for more bridal portraits.

2016-01-28_0032Centerpieces at the Crown Room were vintage and every table was decorated differently.  As unique as the tablescapes were, so was the dessert. They served Special K Bars!  So awesome.

2016-01-28_0033The broach on the bouquet has been passed down for generations to the women in the family.2016-01-28_0036The younger brother stole the show with his “roast” for the groom.2016-01-28_0037At sunset, we walked out the patio door for a couple evening photos. Since all the portraits earlier had been in a sunnier environment, we wanted to capture a different look.  I’m so happy we did!

2016-01-28_00342016-01-28_00352016-01-28_0038I had never seen a father-of-the-bride Whip and Nae-Nae until now.  It captured the crowds attention.