JX Venue | Trinity Lutheran Church | Stillwater, MN | Wedding | Leslie Larson Photography | Beth and Nathan

2016-11-11_0028Beth and Nathans beautiful fall day started at the Lofts where the girls prepared for the big day.

2016-11-11_0012The first-look took place outside of their beautiful Trinity Church in Stillwater.

2016-11-11_0013This couple is very special to me. Beth’s parents are my neighbors so Beth grew up across the street from me. She has babysat my girls and I have been a part of her high school years, college and now her wedding.

2016-11-11_00142016-11-11_00152016-11-11_0016Formal photos were taken on the front lawn of the church. It was a gorgeous fall day. The colors were at their fall peak and the weather was beautiful.

2016-11-11_00172016-11-11_00182016-11-11_0019While the couple had a receiving line at the church to greet their guests, I popped over to JX Reception venue to capture the reception space.

2016-11-11_0020The trolley took us to a park for fun portraits with their bridal party.

2016-11-11_00212016-11-11_00222016-11-11_0023The bridal party was released to the trolley so that Nate and Beth could have alone time for their bridal portraits.

2016-11-11_00262016-11-11_00242016-11-11_0025After an hour of trolley cruising, we went to the cities iconic over-look.

2016-11-11_0027The party continued at JX reception venue.

2016-11-11_0029Rather than a cake, Beth and Nate had a brownie sundae bar. YUM!

2016-11-11_00302016-11-11_0031We finished the evening with a photo in the lobby by the venue’s signature chandelier.