Marriot Hotel Brooklyn Park, MN | Coon Rapids Dam| Leslie Larson Photography | Leah & Andrew

2016-07-05_0033Where to even begin with this couple.  Wow.  They are meant for each other in every way and have dated since early high school.  Their perspectives on life are positive and they treat everyone so kindly.

Heres how our day began at the church.

2016-07-05_0018Leah’s mom and sister helped her get into her dress.2016-07-05_00192016-07-05_0020The first man to see the bride was her father. These two have a close relationship so we made a nice moment out of the reveal.

2016-07-05_0022In the grooms prep room, Andrew’s mother pinned on his boutonniere.

2016-07-05_0021Andrew and Leah had their first-look with each other and immediately exchanged sentimental notes and gifts.

2016-07-05_00232016-07-05_0024After a few portraits, it was time for photos at the alter. This may have been the largest group photo ever. Since there were no risers to layer the groups, we had to spread wide rather than layered.

2016-07-05_0025The church ceremony was beautiful.


A formal exit is always a fun idea 🙂


The Coon Rapids Dam was the bridal photos location.

2016-07-05_00342016-07-05_0029This group was so much fun.

2016-07-05_00282016-07-05_00302016-07-05_0031While the bride and groom had their time in front of the camera, their friends were adding entertainment. They added energy and made the whole experience a fun time.

2016-07-05_0032At this point, we dismissed the bridal party back to the limo and we went down to the water for a different scenery.

2016-07-05_0035Leah is adventurous and wasn’t afraid to explore an unknown trail that we thought would lead us to the water. After many rocky steps and uneven footing, we made it to the water. The walk was soo worth it.

2016-07-05_0036The ball field is meaningful to Leah and Andrew. They wanted to add the baseball environment to their day so we made a stop on the way to the Marriot.

2016-07-05_00462016-07-05_00372016-07-05_00422016-07-05_0038After dinner, the couple went table to table with a fun game. The dj played just 1 song and the couple had to pose with each table in the timeframe of that 1 fast-paced song. Its a fun new trend that always brings the energy!

2016-07-05_00412016-07-05_00432016-07-05_0044The Father-Daughter dance and the Mother-Son dance were both enjoyable to watch. Both of these families are so close with their children and that’s easy to see.

2016-07-05_0040My night wrapped up after an hour of really fun dancing.