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Midland Hills was so beautiful both inside and out for Kristen & Mitch’s big day. It was a blessing to have options because it was exceptionally cold this late October day in Minnesota.  Thankfully, this amazing bride desired photographs over comfort at times and braved the cold for some awesome moments.

2018-01-17_0017We began the day with prep. Kristen’s friends and family were all in attendance.  This group was one of the most enjoyable groups I have ever worked with. There was so much love and joy from start to finish.

2018-01-14_00012018-01-14_00022018-01-14_00052018-01-14_00062018-01-14_0004While the ladies finished their preparations, the groom read a letter from his bride-to-be.

2018-01-14_0003The bride and groom saw each other for the first time at the entryway of the golf course.

2018-01-17_00022018-01-17_00042018-01-17_00032018-01-17_00052018-01-17_00072018-01-17_0006We came back inside for a warm-up and to use these beautiful windows for solo portraits.

2018-01-17_0001Kristen and Mitch’s bridal party was a blast. They also braved the weather for their friend’s wedding day!



I don’t often post the formal church portraits on my blog. Many people ask if I do them. Yes I do. Its an important part of the day when a ceremony is inside of a church. Here are a couple images of the studio lit formals.

2018-01-17_0010Mitch beamed as Kristen walked down the isle.

2018-01-17_00112018-01-17_0012Before walking into the reception, the newly married couple met me along side of the building for sunset photos.  Sunset photography is my favorite time of the day!