Sola Salon | Headshot Photography | Leslie Larson Photography


Working in new and creative ways makes for an exciting day!  I went to Sola Salon to photograph hair stylists in their salons. Each room (or salon) is owned and operated by each stylist themselves. Its a very cool concept and it was exciting to work with amazing, innovative entrepreneurs all day.  We decided ahead of time to shoot them in their salons rather than with a paper backdrop.  I’m glad we went this route because the outcome was more personal to their individual style and no two headshots looked the same.

2016-05-12_0006One challenge I faced was working in spaces with all mirrors! Keeping myself out of the shots was interesting.

2016-05-12_0009I loved this shot in black and white. But then again, that hair needs to be shown in color!  I guess she will have to use them both 😀


I want this light fixture in my house. Love it.

2016-05-12_0010Megan is a friend of mine and the amazing organizer for this day.  Thank you Megan!

2016-05-12_0007Some of these salons were so fun to be in!

2016-05-12_0003I love how casual Tata’s headshots turned out as she lounged in her neat furniture.

2016-05-12_0002Maureen wanted a backdrop style headshot so we shot this photo in the hallway and I added the background later.  I seriously love how this turned out.

2016-05-12_0005These gals seem to know design as much as they know hair.