St. Paul Athletic Club | Wedding Photography | Leslie Larson Photography | Laura and Dennis

st-paul-athletic-club-wedding-22This couple. This day. This place. Everything was meant to be.


Its a wonderful feeling to be in the presence of genuine people. People who are kind and thoughtful and appreciative. This was one such group. The families as well as the bridal party, everyone was a joy to be with. The happiness for this couple was in the air and was felt by all.

st-paul-athletic-club-wedding-1st-paul-athletic-club-wedding-3st-paul-athletic-club-wedding-4st-paul-athletic-club-wedding-6st-paul-athletic-club-wedding-5Portraits of Dennis and Laura began outside the St. Paul Athletic Club. It was mildly raining and a cold (near) November day so we tried our best to stay under shelter and not move too much.

st-paul-athletic-club-wedding-8st-paul-athletic-club-wedding-9st-paul-athletic-club-wedding-10It took some convincing, but the couple followed me across the street where we captured a peak of remaining greenery downtown in the city

st-paul-athletic-club-wedding-11st-paul-athletic-club-wedding-7It was still slightly raining and mom was watching us from the window so we quickly had enough of that

st-paul-athletic-club-wedding-12st-paul-athletic-club-wedding-13On the balcony, we continued portraits with the bridal party

st-paul-athletic-club-wedding-14st-paul-athletic-club-wedding-15The ceremony space was held in the atrium of the building and was so lovely

st-paul-athletic-club-wedding-16st-paul-athletic-club-wedding-17st-paul-athletic-club-wedding-18Bridal portraits after the ceremony

st-paul-athletic-club-wedding-19st-paul-athletic-club-wedding-22st-paul-athletic-club-wedding-20st-paul-athletic-club-wedding-21st-paul-athletic-club-wedding-23Dads- “My First Love, My Forever Hero”