St. Raphael Catholic Church | Leslie Larson Photography | Wedding Photography | Susanna & Dustin

First I want to start by thanking this beautiful bride, Susanna, for her service to our great country. She is a medic in the Army and is the kindest person. I was honored to work her wedding.


MN weddings were under a Covid restriction of no reception gatherings and very few people inside of a ceremony. This changed the couple’s plans enormously. In spite of that, I think we had wonderful photo opportunities in the brides parents home.

There was a path next to the house which was snow covered and perfect

Next,we went to Susanna’s former high school for an indoor location which allowed our group inside. Being in December, we used the twinkle from the large Christmas tree

Nothing compares to the moment the groom watches his bride walk down the isle

St. Raphael church is Susanna’s hometown church. We were able to use the space for portraits after the ceremony

Since the Governor of MN disallowed wedding receptions in large venues, the couple moved their reception into a legal space, their parents home. The show must go on. And it always does 😉

We ended the evening with sunset photos on the lake near their home. Perfect ending to a perfect day.